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Communist Party of Spain and WFTU call for solidarity with Cuba

Updated: Mar 29

May Day Rally in Havana

Joining the many Communist and Left voices already raised in solidarity with Cuba after recent attempts by the US and its imperialist lackeys and agents to destabilize the country and disrupt social order there in the context of the decades old, criminal economic blockade, the Communist Party of Spain (PCE) and the World Federation of Trade Unions have issued statements in support of the socialist nation and its revolution.

Once again, the imperialist circles, led by the United States, are defiantly attempting to exploit the discontent of Cuban citizens about shortcomings in the country’s internal market. They are attempting to do so, in order to escalate their attacks again and to undermine in every way the Cuban people’s revolutionary choice for their socialist future.

The World Federation of Trade Unions expresses its solidarity with the struggling people and the government of Cuba, who are once again being subjected to the consequences of the murderous embargo imposed on the country and the attempts for external intervention.

It is obvious that the well-known circles, those who are trying in every way to overthrow the Cuban revolution, are trying to take advantage of the reactions of dissatisfaction by the citizens because of the shortcomings that exist, in order to exert pressure and intensify the attacks on the socialist state of Cuba.

It is unacceptable that those responsible for the shortages and the situation, due to the criminal blockade imposed, now try to pretend the protectors of the heroic Cuban people.

The class-oriented trade union movement stands firmly in solidarity with Cuba, and supports its people’s non-negotiable right to decide for themselves for the present and future. We demand the immediate withdrawal of the anti-democratic, anti-people blockade, which for more than 6 decades is hindering the access to essential resources, limiting economic development, and impeding their right to self-determination.

"The enemies of the Revolution, in an opportunistic and manipulative way, intend to take advantage, once again, for destabilizing purposes, of the complex economic scenario we face," explains the Communist Party of Cuba in a communication sent to parties, social movements and organizations of solidarity with Cuba around the world.

The communication comes as a result of what happened last afternoon of Sunday, March 17, when groups of citizens, in the eastern part of the country, expressed their disagreement with the difficulties that have impacted two crucial areas of the life of the Cuban population: the deficit in the capacity to generate electricity and the distribution of food.

These events were once again used by notorious terrorists, based in the United States, to encourage actions that contravene the usual calm, internal order and peace that characterize society in Cuba.

The highest representatives of the Communist Party of Cuba and the government in those localities were with the people to attend to their demands, listen, dialogue and explain about the enormous efforts being made to improve the situation. Despite crude stratagems to try to distort events, an atmosphere of calm prevailed.

Once again, the U.S. government and its embassy in Havana, in clear interference, launched messages that manipulated reality, alleging supposed concerns for respect for the human rights of the Cuban people.

We cannot forget that, as the statement reads, "the United States is directly responsible for the acute economic situation faced by the Cuban people, as a result of the intensified blockade and the effects of the unjust inclusion of Cuba in the spurious list of states allegedly sponsoring terrorism, whose sole purpose is to destabilize and overthrow the Revolution."

Every effort by the Cuban government to improve the living conditions of the people must overcome the obstacles imposed by this unjust, illegal and genocidal policy, articulated with a ferocious media campaign and the application of instruments of unconventional war against Cuba.

Today, it is more important than ever to demonstrate the support and solidarity of parties, social movements and friendly organizations with Cuba and the Revolution "in the face of attempts to distort reality, to discredit the Revolution itself and its leaders."

As requested by the communiqué, the PCE has reiterated and reiterates its historical support and defense of the truth of Cuba, as well as its legitimate right to build a sovereign and independent society, without interference or external pressure. This has been expressed with total clarity respectively by its secretary general, Enrique Santiago, and the secretary of International Relations, Manu Pineda, in the face of the aforementioned facts.



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